Current SAOA Roster

Michael Albert Dual
Brandon Aldridge Football
Scott Andera Basketball
Chad Anderson Football
Richard Angel Basketball
Dennis Armstrong Football
Arthur Ashbrook Football
David Atilano Football
Michael Augustine Basketball
Myron Austin Football
Robert Baird Football
Thomas Baro Basketball
Donald Barrett Basketball
Robert Batson Basketball
Craig Becker Basketball
Brian Belcher Football
Kenneth Berry Basketball
Louis Bicanic Football
Mark Billhartz Basketball
Chris Book Basketball
Chauncey Boyd Basketball
Theatrice Boykin Basketball
Chris Braden Basketball
Ron Bradford Basketball
Stanley Brammeier Basketball
Michael Brasher Basketball
Bob Brendel Basketball
James Broadway Dual
Chris Brown Basketball
Ryan Bundy Football
Shawn Bushong Basketball
Jeff Carmack Football
Sean Carver Basketball
John Celistan Football
Frederick Chandler Basketball
Michael Chase Basketball
Darryl Cherry Basketball
Marvin Childs Basketball
Marvin Childsö Basketball
Ken Church Basketball
James Clark Football
James Cole Basketball
Bobby J Cole Sr Dual
Shaun Coleman Basketball
David Collins Dual
Jeffrey Comrey Football
David Conner Basketball
Adam Cross Basketball
Bob Daiber Basketball
Patrick Dalman Football
Chad Davis Dual
John Dearing Basketball
Bob Demijan Basketball
JaRon Dent Basketball
Brent Dudeck Basketball
Keith Dunevant Football
Brian Dunnette Football
kevin empson Dual
Jeff Engelmann Football
Greg Eschman Football
Vincent Evans Dual
Alan Farmer Basketball
Gregory Faulkner Basketball
Davanon Fox Basketball
Pat Furfaro Basketball
Terry Gallaher Football
Brent Garcia Basketball
Mark Gehrs Basketball
Louis George Dual
Ricky George Dual
Andy Gerlach Football
Mark Goldman Dual
Joseph Gonet Basketball
Arthur Goodman Dual
Jason Gray Football
Jonathan Green Dual
Derek Greenfield Football
Beaux Greenfield Football
Michael Greenfield Jr. Football
Josh Grenzebach Basketball
Jeffrey Harris Football
Nathan Harris Football
Johnnie Harris Dual
Cory Hastings Basketball
James Hennessey Football
Rick Heuring Basketball
Billy Hickox Basketball
David Holder Football
Orlando Holley Dual
Bob Holshouser Football
Brandon Holtmann Basketball
Ray Hughes Football
Christopher Hursey Basketball
Brian Jackson Football
Darren Jenkins Football
Dave Johnson Basketball
Emric Johnson Dual
Rick Johnson Dual
Bradley Jones Basketball
Kevin Jones Basketball
Gregory Jones Basketball
Joseph Kaiser Dual
Dan Kampwerth Football
Steve Keene Basketball
Mike Kern Basketball
Bryce Kolweier Basketball
Katie Kosten Basketball
Jim Kowzan Dual
Bo Kratschmer Basketball
Emmett Ladd Basketball
Kathy Lanter Basketball
David Lawrence Basketball
Darin Lee Football
Jim Lentz Basketball
Clint Leonard Basketball
Curt Libbra Basketball
Tim Luehmann Basketball
Jeff Luehmann Basketball
Dick Lyons Basketball
Joe Matesa Basketball
John Maue Basketball
Andrew Mauschbaugh Basketball
Matt Mauschbaugh Basketball
Curtis May Dual
Charles McFarlin Basketball
Geoffery McKay Dual
Chris Mckinney Dual
Bruce Menke Football
John Miller Basketball
Michael Modarelli Football
Jamar Moore Basketball
Jeff Moore Basketball
Derek Moore Basketball
James Morrisey Football
Joel J. Mueth Basketball
Jared Mueth Basketball
Johnny Murray Football
Corey Nicklin Basketball
Blake Ohren Football
Kenton Owens Basketball
Jacoy Owens Basketball
Molly Page Basketball
Tim Page Basketball
Marc Parker Basketball
Todd Peter Basketball
Mike Phillips Dual
Jacob Phillips Football
Kevin Poore Dual
Justin Potillo Football
Chuck Rathert Dual
Joe Rathert Football
Jason Ray Basketball
Nathan Reitz Basketball
Jason Rhodes Basketball
Tim Richardson Dual
Assonason Rollins Basketball
Jared Rueter Basketball
David Sands Basketball
Donald Schaaf Football
James Schaefer Football
Dennis Schipper Dual
Tracy Schmidt Basketball
Jason Schmitz Dual
Dennis Schutzenhofer Basketball
David Schwartz Basketball
Tracy Seibert Football
Brian Shaw Basketball
Ronald Sheff Dual
Alan Shofner Dual
Mike Smargiassi Basketball
Troy Smith Basketball
Jay Smith Dual
Andrew Speciale Dual
Deveon Stiff Dual
Douglas Stinemetz Football
Don Stovall Basketball
Joe Strieker Basketball
Shawn Swank Dual
Rod Taylor Basketball
Randy Tepovich Basketball
Kevin Toennies Basketball
Dustin Tolbert Basketball
Jones Travis Basketball
Benjamin Trotter Football
Jason Unverzagt Football
Keith VanScyoc Basketball
Byron Walker Football
Kevin Wallace Football
Chris Walters Football
Scott Warrer Football
Lawrence Watts Basketball
Arnold White Basketball
Jordan Wilson Basketball
Bill Wood Basketball
Carl Wood Football
Edward Wooten Dual
Todd Zamarione Basketball



SAOA Honorary Lifetime Members

We recognize and thank these individuals for their years of service!

First Name Last Name City State Sport(s)
Jim Bain* Mattoon IL basketball
Ed Biznek* Staunton IL basketball
Harry Briggs Jr. Granite City IL basketball & football
Vic Buehler Staunton IL basketball & football
Dave Carnaghi Edwardsville IL basketball
Conrad “Babe” Champion Granite City IL basketball & football
Russ Chappel* Granite City IL basketball & football
Joe Chiado East Alton IL
Robert Chiti Staunton IL basketball
Phil Coady Glen Carbon IL basketball & football
Clyde Cole* Greenfield IL basketball
Dave Collins Bethalto IL basketball & football
Dick Condrey* Glen Carbon IL basketball
Bill Criswell* Cache IL
Otto Daech Collinsville IL basketball & football
Francis Dant* Breese IL
Gene Dartt Belleville IL
Dale Daugherty Jerseyville IL basketball
Don Davisson* Collinsville IL
Mike Devening East Alton IL basketball
Howard Dunn* Saint Charles MO
Tom Fay Alton IL football
Joe Fedora Granite City IL
Steve Ficker Jerseyville IL basketball
John Fraiser* Godfrey IL basketball
Gordon Galbreath Granite City IL
Robert Geddes* Alton IL
Fred Gibson Centralia IL basketball
Ron Grissom Greenville IL basketball
Tommy Gushleff* Granite City IL
Bobby Hausman* Godfrey IL football
George Havens* Jerseyville IL basketball
Erv Hendricks* Dorsey IL
Rich Herndon, Sr. Edwardsville FL basketball & football
Joe Hertz Bradenton FL
Jack Holmes Jerseyville IL basketball
Tim Hogan Maryville IL football
Don Huber Alton IL
Tom Jackson Belleville IL basketball
Ed Johnson Belleville IL
Jim Johnson* Hardin IL basketball
Paul Kindle Jr. football
Frank Kraus Granite City IL
Lou Leilich* Dupo IL
Ralph Leinicke* Alton IL basketball
Gus Lignoul Sr.* Granite City IL basketball
Gus Lignoul Jr. Granite City IL basketball & football
Phil Mann Jerseyville IL basketball & football
Delbert Maroon Altamont IL basketball
Bill McFarland* Belleville IL
Jim Meyer New Athens IL basketball
Ed Murphy Collinsville IL
John Murphy Mountain View MO
Keith Parker* Granite City IL basketball & football
Scott Posey Fairview Heights IL basketball & football
Walter Rauth Belleville IL
Rodney Rea Omaha NE basketball & football
Jim Reinhardt Alton IL
Gordon Rubenstein Alton IL basketball
Eugene Saville* Alton IL
Bill (Red) Schmidt football
Stan Serwatka East St Louis IL football
Russell Shaver*
Ray Sonnenberg* Belleville IL basketball & football
Ron Stern basketball & football
Andy Sullivan* Deltona FL
Charles Summers* San Marcos CA
Ken Thaxton Godfrey IL basketball
Cliff Tinsley Springfield IL basketball
Paul Vallina Belleville IL basketball & football
Ray Wesley Godfrey IL basketball
Kevin Wiggs Belleville IL basketball
Jack Williams Wood River IL
William Wohlert Alton IL
Joe Wojtowicz Breese IL basketball
Dick Yates* Granite City IL
Tony Zollner Granite City IL

* indicates deceased members